Mistakes Happen, and sometimes they are a pleasant one.  For Starters I just love when someone else cooks and I just get to take some photos.  We made this recipe tonight which took a VERY long time but the results were great.  Craigg did a great job on this solo.  I did nothing but take pictures.

The Caramel did burn slightly so we opted to go without.  At the end we drizzled a little honey on top and it came out great.  More than great.  I love cheesecake but it really does not love me and I love finding great non-dairy cheesecake recipes.   This one will be made again for sure.

The Granny Smith Apples give it a great crisp flavor.  In fact a hard cider or champagne would go really well with this as a desert.  I don't think I would recommend any different type of apple for this one because it's perfect for the tartness of the Granny Smith.

This Cheesecake would be great with a lot of toppings, especially berries such as raspberry or blackberry.  Can't wait to try this once again when those are in Season!