Making your own pasta is a lot of fun and a great way to be creative in the kitchen.  We've had a few pasta recipes here on the blog but this one is a little different.  As always you will want to be familiar with making homemade pasta.  A good recipe and method can be found here.

You will want to begin with a batch of pasta dough that has been rolled into thin sheets.

Lay out one sheet and place flat parsley along the dough being careful to leave space in between the leaves.  These will stretch out a little during the final roll.  Lay another sheet on top of the base layer that has the parsley leaves.  Press gently to form a bond.  Back your roller (wider) to the previous width and roll the two sheets that have the parsley in the middle.  This will press the layers into one along with the parsley.  Cut into small squares after the sheets have dried for a bit.

These go very well with a simple delicate herb or veggie broth that is fairly clear.  You don't want to hide your masterpiece after all.  Boil pasta and add to broth.  Saute some butter with fresh sage and garnish soup with this for a salty and flavorful light soup.

I love the look of this pasta which almost looks like a textile.