Cabbage is now in Season and after St. Paddy's day it should come to no surprise that it's on sale.  So today we feature this great and versatile vegetable in a super easy but tasty way.  Cabbage generally gets made into Slaw or as a soup filler but it stands on it's own pretty well as a hearty side dish.

Laurel and Hardy, Bill and Hillary, Bert and Earnie....Cabbage and Butter.  They were made for each other.  Some Carraway seeds made this complete and add a really unique taste.  Even better is that most generic spice racks come with carraway and since nobody knows what to do with it, you may have some and not even know it.  A valid substitute would be Fennel Seeds since they have similar flavors.

You'll Need:

1 Head of Cabbage, cut into small bites, core removed.

1 TBSP carraway seeds

2 TBSP Butter

Salt and Pepper.


1.  Bring a large pot of water to a boil.  Boil the cabbage pieces for 90 seconds then drain.

2. In the same pot melt the better into the cabbage and add carraway.

3. Season with Salt and Pepper and Serve.

A side dish in literally under 5 minutes and that's being liberal.  The taste is amazing and the quick cooking leaves the cabbage a little crunchy.   You'll be surprised at how good this is.  Avoid this however the night before a big date for obvious reasons.  Unless you eat the whole thing alone you should have no problems. BUT... it is after all cabbage.