A slight variation to the usual French Toast using Bailey's as added flavor.  Perfect for the next Brunch gathering.

You will Need:

1.  6-8 Slices of stale or day old bread

3 Eggs beaten

1 Cup Milk or 1/2&1/2

1 Shot of Bailey's

Maple Syrup


1 tsp Vanilla Extract

1.  Mix the eggs, milk, vanilla, and Bailey's into a shallow pan

2.  Heat a cast iron skillet to medium until just starting to smoke.

3.  Let each slice of bread soak in the egg mixture until well soaked in.

4.  Toast the break in butter in the hot pan.

(After you flip it, let the next piece of bread soak so that you can continue without letting everything cool too much).

Service with butter, Maple Syrup and Sprinkled sugar.