A nice Simple Dessert with a lot of Impact.  It may be a little early to pull the grill out but if you can, this is perfect for it.  Otherwise you can achieve good results in a pan on the stove top.

This may be barely a recipe because it's that simple.  

You'll Need:

1 peach per person, cut in half and pitted


Fresh Mint

Vanilla Ice Cream

Lightly coat the fleshy cut side of peaches in Olive oil.  Place cut side down on a hot grill or hot frying pan if cooking indoors.  Let this grill until the outer skin starts to wrinkle and the peaches begin to lose some volume from the juices that are escaping.  

Place char side up on a plate.

Drizzle Honey on the peaches and garnish with fresh Mint.  Serve with ice cream.  The Ice cream will begin to melt and by some out of this World attraction will begin to pool around the hot peaches.