A few weeks ago I posted a simple recipe for homemade Chai Spices here.

Today we use this same Spiced Chai tea to make Chai French Toast.   Any Chai tea will work just fine if you have not made your own yet.  This is a great way to kick standard French Toast up a notch especially for the Holiday Season.  

I almost always have some pieces of fresh sourdough that was left out on the counter and is a bit stale and crusty the next morning.  This is the perfect bread for French Toast so always a good way to be frugal and not waste what may normally be tossed (or thrown into the yard for the Winter birds).

All You Need:

1 Cup Milk or 1/2 and 1/2

1.5 TBSP Chai Tea or 2 tea bags

Sliced bread

1/2 tsp vanilla

3 Eggs

Butter and Oil

Bring the milk to almost boiling.  Remove from heat and add tea.  Let this steep for about 5 minutes.  The milk will be slightly brown in color.  Discard tea.

In a heavy cast iron skillet heat to medium high.  Add about 1 TBSP Veggie oil and 2 TBSP butter.  The butter will give your toast a nice golden color and buttery taste.

Meanwhile whisk the eggs and add to the milk mix.  Add the vanilla.  Stir or whisk well.

Soak the bread two slices at a time about 30 seconds, flipping over once.  Fry the toast in the hot pan until each side is golden and toasty but not burnt.  Watch this carefully!

Service with powdered sugar and your choice of topping.  Maple Syrup goes very well with the Chai taste.