This year I introduced a new herb into the garden- pineapple sage.  It's been very easy to grow and I have a LOT of it, even blooming into the Fall.  As the name implies this sage has a sweet pineapple scent that is great to smell while out foraging in the garden.  I've really enjoyed it all year.  Mostly used as garish, it's edible like a typical sage with a lot of uses.

Fall can sometimes be about preparing ahead for the Winter.  It's when I do most of my canning, and preservation so this easy project was right on par with those activities.  Knowing that there would probably be a lot of baking this winter, why not spruce up normal white sugar into a nice pineapple sage sugar.

Pineapple Sage Sugar.JPG

In a Mason jar just simply layer hand crushed sage leaves with sugar until full.  Let sit for about a week then remove leaves.  This will season the sugar with a great pineapple scent and taste.  It's going to make a nice addition to baked goods this Fall and Winter!  I've even thinking sugar rimmed glasses for cocktails.