It was a great night and now it's time for him (or her) to leave.  Don't be a jerk, at least offer some food first.  I used to have a rule that they got a granola bar on their way out if it wasn't someone I would want to see again.  If a second date is a possibility, whip up a quick Frittata which will be sure to impress.

Frittatas are magnificently easy to make with whatever ingredients you have on hand (though I do not recommend a Cheez-Whiz and Frito Frittata!)  They key here is having a pan that can go from stove top to oven.  I prefer my Lodge cast iron pan that has been seasoned for years. 

Turn the oven on Broil while you start phase one.  Phase one will be to saute your veggies in olive oil on the stove top over a medium heat.  Once soft, toss in some salt and pepper and whatever herbs you prefer.  Pour in about 4-5 eggs that have been beaten and let sit over heat.  The time to remove the pan from the stove is when you start to see some bubbles in the egg and when it begins to firm up.  A little runny on top is perfectly fine.   Sprinkle some cheese on top then move to the oven.  DON'T LEAVE THE KITCHEN at this point because the high broiling heat can quickly burn up your creation.  Now is the time to be polite and pour a cup of coffee.  The Frittata is done when the top is golden brown and no longer runny.  Slice it up pizza style and serve!

This Frittata was made with onion, yellow peppers, fresh basil and parmesan cheese.  Served with a drizzle of Sriracha and fresh slices of avocado.  He'll (Or She) be walking to the train station with a bounce in his step after this breakfast.