One of the best things about going to a local farmer's market is being able to talk to the person that grew or created your food.  Sometimes it's like being an investor on Shark Tank because there are small companies trying to market their product in 30 seconds.  This week I was fortunate enough, and hungry enough to wander over to one such small business.  They were selling a vegan cashew based cheese sauce/dip.  After sampling three flavors I bought a package of Zesty Black Bean.

The Company website can be found here.

I really dug what they were doing.  A vegan sauce that only needed water added and was ready in 30 seconds on the stove top.  Being so portable it has some great uses for camping or even emergency rations.  The owners, Kerry and Greg gave us samples and told us a little about the company, and also told us where we could buy it locally other than at the market.  They seemed passionate about their product and supportive of the Vegan lifestyle.

I have to say that their product was great, and made for a great quick dinner.  The best part was that the package sold for $7.50 was enough for two meals making it fairly cost effective as well.

Busy with home projects and not a lot of time for cooking this week, this was exactly what we needed.  I decided to try it mixed into some roasted vegetables that we also picked up at the market and the results were just great!

vegan cheese sauce-2.JPG

As always it reminded me of the importance of small businesses, who are the ones coming up with new ideas, even if they can sometimes be grass-root in effort..  They are based on Boulder but have an online store at their site,  They don't even know about this post and I still wanted to Support them being an innovative company doing something different.  If you're interested in trying something out of the box (Seriously, it's in a Pouch!), give them a try.  I don't think you will be disappointed. At. All.

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