This is a great Springtime dish using fresh peas.  If you can't find fresh ones, frozen also works very well here.  I tend to favor root vegetables like Butternut squash in risottos but this packs in a lot of fresh flavor and you can get pretty interesting with garnishes too.  I used some fresh chive and green onions from the Spring garden but fresh herbs like Basil or Thyme would be great too!


Gather Up:

1.  Saute the Onion and Pepper in Olive Oil over Medium Heat.

2.  In a Food Processor puree 1/2 Cups of the Peas with 1/2 Cup Broth and garlic then and set aside.

3.  Add rice to Onion and Pepper and stir to coat in oil.  Add spices and stir.

4.  Add 1/2 cup of Broth to the rice at a time and stir frequently until the rice is Al Dente to soft.  This process will take about 30-40 Minutes.

5.  Add the Pureed Peas and remaining whole peas to the pan and mix well.  Remove from heat and set aside.

5.  Stir in Cheese and serve once melted.  Season with Salt and Pepper and garnish with green onion or fresh herbs.