If there were one kitchen 'thing' I couldn't live without it's the Mason Jar. I use them for EVERYTHING.  Obviously they are great for canning and food storage but so fun to actually serve food in as well.  A few weeks ago I posted a recipe for Chocolate Mousse that this recipe is also going to use, so you will want to have a batch ready.  Plan on a couple of hours to make this ahead of time but most of that is the mousse chilling in the refrigerator.  The recipe can be found here.

The only thing you want to do differently is add in some Cayenne powder or Habanero Power to the chocolate.  About 1/8 TSP or to taste.  You want just a tickle and some heat in the back of your throat but not overwhelming.   We have some really great spice shops here in Denver that sell powdered Habanero.  YUMMY!

The other thing you want to have is about 1 cup of Whipping cream and some storebought or homemade brownies. I prefer to use a blonde brownie so that there is some color contrast with the mousse.

Store bought brownie bites.

Store bought brownie bites.

1. Crumble up about 1 cup of the brownies in a bowl and let sit on the counter.

2.  Whip the Heavy cream with a Stand Mixer until stiff peaks form.

3.   In 4 small Mason Jelly Jars layer the crumbled brownies, Mousse, and whipped cream 3 times and top with a little extra brownie crumble.  These make great desserts that are ready to serve from the fridge and can be made ahead of time.