Vegetarians can certainly enjoy Cobb Salad with just a few changes.  I'm not one to follow a salad recipe but I really need to because what happens is that I always start adding things that simply don't belong and before you know it, I'm off the deep end.

Deconstructed Cobb Salad

Deconstructed Cobb Salad

The main change is the bacon.  There are a lot of different types of Vegetarian bacon on the market.  Today I used MorningStar's version which is fairly good though I generally don't care for the coloring that they use.  Another option is a nice Hickory smoked Tempeh bacon that can be found at a number of Health Food stores.  The Morning Star works well because it's thinner and tends to be a little more crispy.


To make the Cobb you will need:

Romaine lettuce chopped and washed

Cooked 'Bacon'

2 Hard boiled eggs

Wedges of Lemon

Blue Cheese Crumbles

Diced Tomato

Diced Avocado

Blue Cheese Dressing

Instead of mixing everything together try and make layers of the vegetables and ingredients.  Too many ingredients in a Cobb such as the avocado and eggs will get mushed up if you mix it all together in a bowl.  Layer all ingredients several times and then end with some eggs on top, then sprinkle the dressing on top, followed by a good squeeze of a lemon wedge.

For a different serving idea, serve them in wide mouth jars or Martini glasses.