Buttery, messy, delicious.  Nothing like a good burger hands down.  You need a sauce running down your face burger.  Totally possible vegetarian style.

In a food processor process, 1 can of drained black beans, a handful of cilantro, parsley, 1 egg,  1 TBSP minced garlic, 1 minced onion,  and a heavy dash of red pepper flakes.

Transfer to a large bowl and mix in about 1/2-1 Cup of bread crumbs, one drained can of black beans, salt, and pepper.  Mix until you can form a patty so the amount of breadcrumbs will vary.  This should make 4 good sized burgers.  This freezes well so either cook them all or freeze half for another day.

Serve on toasted buttered rolls, fresh tomato, cheese, and your choice of sauce.  Dig in!